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The Better Way University - AAC

There's a way to do it better.

If you’re like most agency CEO’s, there’s just not enough hours in the day to effectively run your agency, manage and continually train your people, stay focused and productive while keeping your personal life in complete balance. At the end of the day, do you really know if all of your hysterical activity helped improve your results or your bottom line? There's a way to do it better and we found it!

The Better Way Agency Program - join now and have the best year ever!
The Better Way Agency is the first Members Only training program of its kind in the insurance industry that shows agency owners simple ways to do things better, get great results, and be much more profitable. Join now so that you can begin 2017 with a fresh start!

The Better Way combines the power of Roger Sitkins and Angela Adams Consulting Group.

Roger is the nation’s #1 Agency Results Coach and has shown thousands of agency owners ways to maximize people, increase sales, improve efficiencies and profitability.




Angela, CEO of Angela Adams Consulting, and her team are the leading workflow and internal efficiency consultants in the independent insurance agency system.




Roger & Angela know and understand the challenges agency owners face, which is why they combined their strengths and talents to build The Better Way University. The university is packed with:

  • Content rich video and training tools that will help agencies make improvements to better serve their clients, create a better workplace for their employees, allow them to earn more money, all faster than they ever thought possible.
  • Training tracks for all levels of staff. Every learning track is complete with workbook and tools to guide implementation.
  • Trackable course progress will keep everyone moving toward achieving goals and getting better results.
  • To support the video learning, there will be live coaching sessions with Roger, Angela, and their Teams.

The Better Way University provides "how to" instruction for making significant improvements in all areas of the agency:

  • How to find good talent >> Talent Planning
  • Making sure you have the right people in the right job >> Building Your Team
  • Every person on the Team has a specific role and is rewarded >> The Risk Manager Program
  • The average agency uses only 50% of their automation system capabilities >> Maximizing Your Automation Investment
  • Every account is profitable >> Profit Zones
  • How to gain leverage and respect from your Carriers >> Carrier Management
  • Learn how to turn a claim into >> The Ultimate Marketing Strategy
  • Too little or too much communication >> Client Touch Points
  • Retain clients for life >> Exit Barriers
  • Step by step paths to overcome >> The Challenge of Change
  • There is an easier way >> Electronic Filing
  • Pros and cons of >> Company Service Centers
  • You don't just renew accounts >> The Continuation Process
  • To pay nor not to pay >> Compensation Models
  • Valuable content being added constantly!

The Better Way Agency program starts with Path 1, the Discovery Path, which is the baseline to measure results. To keep things simple and attainable, we have designed e a 12-Month Success Calendar to guide you through the training modules without overwhelming you.

Join before November 15, 2016 to become a Founding Member.

The cost to be a member of The Better Way Agency program is $497 per month. If you join before November 15th, you will have Founding Member status and receive VIP pricing of $297 per month which is locked in and guaranteed for life. This Founding Member offer includes:

  • Subscription to the Better Way University that includes monthly training modules for all levels of the agency.
  • Full Access Library (tools, templates, resources, podcasts)
  • Bimonthly Better Way Implementation Coaching Sessions
  • Return on Investment money back guarantee.
  • Guaranteed/Locked in Life-time Pricing ($297 per month).
  • Referral Fee ~ bring us a member and get two months free.
  • VIP pricing for Sitkins' ProFit programs.
  • Quarterly Private Discussion Groups for Founding Members only.


The Better Way Agency program comes with a risk free guarantee. If you join the program and complete the first 3-months of training and do not feel like it is bringing value, all you have to do is request a full refund. 

Become a Founding Member today.  Offer expires November 15th. $297 locks you in.


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