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Someday I'll...

"...have the agency I've always dreamed of..."

Someday isn't a day of the week.
Move off Someday Isle and have the agency you've always wanted.


On Demand Training For Your Whole Agency

The Better Way University Library is fully online so you can choose which critical success factor you want to work on first, and start improving your agency right away!

Plus, you can share your online learning with your entire team. The price is per agency not user, so everyone from account managers to producers and owners can improve the agency together.


Improve Your Insurance Agency in Eight Critical Areas

The Better Way brings you over 50 powerful lessons accompanied by worksheets, tools and bimonthly coaching calls to transform your insurance agency.

Increased Sales

Take your sales to a new level.  Achieve a 25% improvement in your sales and have overflowing pipelines.  Become a results oriented sales team!


Bring the power of the 80/20 rule into your agency and implement the Ultimate Marketing Strategy for your sales teams.


Everything from how your phone is answered, to how emails are written (or in some cases never written!) leaves a lasting impression.

Operations and

Imagine paying for a full-time employee, with benefits, who only shows up to work part-time or less. That's most agencies' management systems!


Hiring the next generation for your agency should be a top priority. Get the right people in the right jobs to get your agency on the right path.


Agencies are leaving 6-7 figure dollar amounts on the table due to poor financial management. Boost your profit without adding more clients.


Producers have long been incentivized to bring in new business. But what happens when you do the same for your internal team?


Become a true agency partner with your carriers which will improve your relationships, sales and profits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Access to the entire Better Way University on-demand. There are currently over 50 learning modules with accompanying tools and worksheets.

Plus, you'll also get Bi-Monthly Coaching sessions with one of our Sitkins Coaches.

The price is per agency location, not user. If you have multiple people in your agency you would like to have access, just let us know!

While the program is on-demand, it's not unsupported. If you have a question, simply ask! Either in the comments section of a module, via email, or phone call.

The short answer is, any agency! But it works best in those insurance agencies that are ready to improve their operations and increase profitability in small commercial or personal lines.

We all have 168 hours in a week. We encourage all of our Better Way Agencies to set an appointment with themselves, for 1 hour a week. That's it, .5% of your time to improve your agency.

Plus, our bi-monthly coaching and chat group sessions are highly encouraged (but optional) and our video programs are available to you to view at your convenience - at anytime and anyplace.

This won't work in my agency. My staff won't go for this, etc. etc. We've heard it all. But we can also tell you, it will work. It might not be easy, there might be challenges to overcome, but it will work.

"The Better Way program was awesome for us. I learned so many things from Roger and the team and it made a nice impact on our 2017."

Mike Chapman
Brown & Brown

"Iā€™m a fan because I know the strategies you promote work. I have seen parts of what you preach succeed throughout my career but never all done at once. Putting all these pieces together is the strength and uniqueness of your approach. Each action enhances and reinforces the others."

Mick Fowler
Michigan Agency Network

"The independent agents we partner with are better for working with Roger Sitkins and The Better Way team."

Jerry Kelly
Director of Field Sales, Mutual of Enumclaw

Money Back Guarantee

Our promise is simple, if you're not 100% satisfied with your membership within the first 60 days, simply ask for a refund. That's it.


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