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Better Way Agency - Frequently Asked Questions

Ready to get the coaching your insurance agency needs to become a more successful, efficient agency, but have some questions first? We're here to coach you in every aspect. Read through our Frequently Asked Questions below, or contact us with any additional information you’d like to know.

What is The Better Way Agency Program?

The Better Way program shows independent insurance agency owners a better, easier way to run their agency. It is a web-based, members only training program that teaches all levels of agency personnel simple ways to do things better, get great results, and be much more profitable. Our training and coaching model helps agency owners establish the Agency's Way of Doing Business, earn more money, and have a lot more fun!  

The Better Way University blends easy plug and play training with concierge support and live coaching sessions. Roger has teamed up with Angela Adams of Angela Adams Consulting to develop valuable content in The Better Way University. This means you get the coaching of two top insurance agency consultants, all aimed toward overall agency improvement and getting better results.

What is the estimated time commitment for each staff member once an agency joins The Better Way?

Our suggestion is to schedule one video per week, 3 weeks on and one week off.  Average training video run time is 30 to 45 minutes, which is less than one hour per week devoted to making your insurance agency better. However, you can do the program at your own pace. You won’t miss any of the training videos if you have to take a week off, just simply jump back in when you’re ready and the content will be waiting for you. The Better Way University is packed with content that is applicable to all levels of staff; from the agency leadership, to Producers and service staff.

Can an agency become a member of The Better Way Agency program anytime or are there specific enrollment dates?

The Better Way is currently an open enrollment training program. An agency can join anytime.

What are the actual steps for signing up as a new member?

Very simple >> Click here >> www.thebetterwayagency.com/join

  •  Agency will complete the form and access to The Better Way University will be granted immediately.
  • Users will receive a separate email with their password for future logins.

Does Roger run the bimonthly coaching session?

Yes, you will receive coaching from either Roger Sitkins or Angela Adams, both highly sought after agency consultants. We will occasionally have special guest speakers.

What information do you share with carriers?

No information is shared with carriers.

Is the price per agency or per person?

The guaranteed monthly fee allows access to the online training, tools, and action plans for your ENTIRE agency, not just one user.

How can we connect with you if we need help along the way?

We’re here to help you on your path to success. If you do encounter a problem, there’s a variety of ways to reach us.

  • The Better Way features Live Chat where you can always ask quick questions during business hours.
  • Leave a comment on the board. We’ll make sure someone responds to your comment quickly. Have a question for Roger? Ask it and he’ll provide his agency expertise!
  • Email us at [email protected]
  • Dial 877.748.5467 – The Better Way Concierge Team will be happy to talk to you.


What kind of agency will this training work for?

This training program is designed to work for all insurance agencies, both large and small.


For additional questions on how The Better Way can benefit your insurance agency, please call 877.748.5467 or email [email protected]


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