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Grow your agency’s revenue and profits with clarity and accountability.


Are you ready to achieve organic growth at 2x the national average?

The Better Way Agency provides you with the tools you need to run your agency with purpose. This web-based, members-only training program gives all agency team members simple strategies to get great results, be more profitable and have a lot more fun!


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The way to change is The Better Way Agency.


Customized modules for each member of your team.


Connect with our coaches as they focus on key topics in the bimonthly sessions.


No more excuses, only great results.

The Better Way Agency shows Personal Lines and Small Commercial Lines agency owners a better, easier way to run an agency. This subscription-based video training program is packed with valuable content. 


The Better Way University serves as your agency’s video library filled with resources, continual training and education that guarantees great results, increased efficiencies, and more profitability. 

Running an independent insurance agency isn’t easy. Most days, the average agency leader is torn between balancing a multitude of administrative tasks and focusing on selling and improving results.

On top of that, the industry is growing and changing, and fighting commoditization, increased competition and digital disruption can create even more stress and uncertainty in the business.

What if there was a way to stop spinning your wheels and to truly differentiate your agency? There is, a Better Way.

The Better Way will help you design a path...

  • and encourage you to develop your agency’s Critical Success Factors – those basic few items you must focus on and do exceedingly well in order to get exceptional results.
  • that allows you to select specific training and resources that are most relevant to you and your agency.
  • toward a better version of your agency.

Steps to The Better Way Agency


Complete and set a baseline to measure your progress.


Filter down to the most impactful strategies that will drive new sales and retention.


You will have unlimited access to tons of training videos and tools as long as you are a paid subscriber.

Philanthropic Efforts

10% of all registrations to The Better Way University are donated to the Risk Management/Insurance Program at Florida State University. 

"I’m a fan because I know the strategies you promote work. I have seen parts of what you preach succeed throughout my career but never all done at once. Putting all these pieces together is the strength and uniqueness of your approach. Each action enhances and reinforces the others."

Mick Fowler
Michigan Agency Network

"The Better Way program was awesome for us. I learned so many things from Roger and the team and it made a nice impact on our 2017. Our goal was to learn as much as possible in a one year period and implement it. We completed the year and I would call it a success. "

Mike Chapman
Brown & Brown

Membership Pricing

Subscription to the Better Way University that includes training modules for all levels of the agency, Bimonthly Webinars, Guaranteed/Locked in Lifetime Pricing

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The Sitkins Promise
100% Satisfaction Guarantee

  • Multiply Agency Value
  • Increase your revenue per sale
  • Increase your closing ratio
  • Increase agency efficiency
  • Develop dynamic carrier relationships
  • Unlock premier retention rates
  • Develop new skills of differentiation
  • Discover ways to keep pipelines full
  • Learn the secret to replicating success
  • Improve agency culture

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